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Hello, and welcome to You are probably here because you want to find out more about trampolines. Or maybe you want some help on how to choose a trampoline…

Well, there are quite a few factors to consider before you make your choice.

We’ll run through all the different types of trampoline available, go through the best trampoline brands and the shapes and sizes that are on offer.

Of course, safety should also be considered, so we’ll go through the basics to make sure you stay safe and help avoid injury.

Trampolines can be loads of fun as well as also being a fantastic way to keep fit. Before you choose from our list of trampolines for your kids, toddlers or adults (yes, there’s a little jumping kid in all of us!), read through our full guide to trampolines.

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Trampoline Shapes

So which shape of trampoline should you choose? Well first off, you need to consider the shape of your yard or garden.

Before making your choice, make sure there is at least 8 foot clearance from the edge of the trampoline.

For example, if you decide to get a 12 foot trampoline, ensure there is 28 foot of ground available end-to-end (8 ft clearance + 12ft trampoline + 8ft clearance), a 10ft trampoline would ideally need 26 feet overall.

Round Trampolines

These are the most popular trampolines for those wanting some inexpensive recreational fun in their backyard. They are arguably the safest trampoline shape because jumpers tend to be directed towards the centre after each bounce.

Round trampolines generally don’t bounce as high as rectangular shaped trampolines, so again, another thumbs-up for safety. This is a good shape if you’re looking for a kids or toddler trampoline too.

Rectangle Trampolines

These are for the purists out there. Also known as gymnastics or Olympic trampolines, you can buy relatively cheap rectangular shaped trampolines for your back yard and they are great for performing cool trampoline tricks.

Quite often they can fit better into your garden due to the straight-edged dynamics and they often come with enclosures.

It’s possible to jump higher on rectangle trampolines, but make sure you check out how many springs there are and how long they are. The more springs there are and the longer those springs are, the higher the bounce.

Square Trampolines

Very similar to the rectangular shape, but they don’t provide quite as much bounce.

Oval Trampolines

These are becoming very popular kids and adult trampolines. A hybrid between a round & rectangle shape, the oval shaped trampolines offer much of the bounce from rectangle or square trampolines, so you can still easily perform the best trampoline tricks, but also a lot of the safety from the round shaped.

Trampoline Sizes Guide

There are many different sizes to choose from.

Under 4 Feet

These are also known as mini trampolines, and are generally used for aerobic exercise, rather than jumping to gain height and that rushing feeling.
These small exercise trampolines often come with a handle, so that a range of routines can be performed safely.

You can also get mini trampolines for kids, which also come with a bar or handle which is especially necessary for toddlers who may be unstable at the best of times.

4 to 9 Feet

These are great if you have a small backyard or garden. Trampolines up to 9ft tend to be less expensive, and there’s a huge range of small trampolines for kids too.

10ft Trampolines

Starting to get a little bigger. 10 foot trampolines come in all shapes. These can fit into most gardens.

12 foot Trampolines

The most popular searched for size for those looking for the larger trampolines. There is plenty of choice available here.

Large Trampoline

In the 14ft and above range, these big trampolines are best when you want to play fun trampoline games or you want to perform tricks, or just want loads of room to jump around – especially for the adults! If you have the room for them, they are definitely worth looking into.

You may be asking, how much is a trampoline? Generally, as a rule of thumb, the larger the size, the more a trampoline is going to cost.

Trampoline Safety Tips

Bouncing up and down might appear to be harmless, but injury can occur quite easily, unless you take some simple precautions. The safest trampolines for adults and kids can be sought out with a little research. But more importantly, there are a few guidelines that we’ve highlighted below that you should consider following:

  • Before you do anything, READ THE MANUAL. This is so important. Make sure that the trampoline has been set up exactly as the manufacturer instructs. There should also be safety tips included, which should be followed.
  • Ensure that there are no tree branches, washing lines or power lines etc anywhere near the jumping zone. Sounds obvious, but you need to make sure that when you bounce up, there are no possible obstacles that could cause injury.
  • Have plenty of space around the perimeter. Yes, we mentioned this previously, but make sure there is plenty of space around the outside of the trampoline. There should be 8 feet of unobstructed space with soft ground that absorbs energy. You can use sand, tree bark or trampoline crash mats to absorb any potential impact. You definitely don’t want to use concrete or asphalt, as those surfaces are extremely unforgiving! If you can, invest in a trampoline with an enclosure, this will also help prevent injuries.
  • Pad the bars! Make sure that the supporting frame is very well padded. It’s so easy to bounce off a little and land off the jumping zone.
  • A spring free (no spring) trampoline should be considered. This type of trampoline is relatively new to the market. Springs can cause injuries if you land on them the wrong way. There is a Springfree brand that specializes only in spring free trampolines.
  • Supervise children. Make sure that children, even the older ones, are supervised at all times.
  • It will be a challenge, but try to ensure the kids are jumping one at a time. All too often, kids get injured by colliding with another child.

Top 5 Rated Trampolines

Here’s a quick review of the best trampolines and brands available:

Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Round Trampoline

Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Round Trampoline
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This Skywalker 15 foot round trampoline has an enclosure included for safety. Let the big kid in you big bounce on this big trampoline! It’s one for all the family…

This large trampoline has been made weather resistant with its heavy-duty galvanized steel frame. It is extremely durable and has been made to last.

Skywalker have also considered your well-being. The enclosure net attaches to the actual jump mat rather than the frame, so there is no gap between net and trampoline.

This 15 foot trampoline can cater for 200lbs of weight, so it’s definitely suitable for more than one jumper.

Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline

Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline
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Another one for the family. The Pure Fun 14 foot trampoline has plenty of bounce about it!

It has 88 galvanized springs to ensure you get plenty of bounce, whilst also keeping the rust away. The springs are covered by a thick foam padding (which is made from PVC) so you don’t need to worry about landing on the springs and injuring yourself.

It is incredibly easy to set up and has ‘w-shaped’ legs to increase sturdiness. The frame is supported by T-sections, which are made from galvanized steel tubing – so you know it’s going to last.

It can take plenty of punishment too. Maximum capacity is 250 pounds, and the mat is UV resistant.

There are other sizes available too (12’, 13’ & 15’).

Springfree 13ft Trampoline S155 Jumbo Square

Springfree 13ft Trampoline S155 Jumbo Square
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This is Springfree’s biggest trampoline, and they’ve named it the S155 Jumbo Square. It can hold up to 220 pounds in weight, so it’s another trampoline that can cater for more than one person.

Springfree trampolines, of course, have no springs which helps eliminate those nasty injuries from falling on the springs that may occur when jumping on other trampolines.

Due to its unique design, the Springfree 13 has the frame located underneath the jumping mat, and the FlexiNet enclosure stops you from jumping off, helping prevent injury even further.

There’s also Springfree’s SoftEdge mat, which massively absorbs shock impact should to land awkwardly towards the outer edge of the jumping mat.

Skywalker 12-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad

Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Round Trampoline
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One of Skywalker’s smaller trampolines, the 12 foot Round Trampoline is very popular with customers. It is perfect for beginners and those with jumping experience, and it has safety in mind.

It has 72 springs to ensure maximum bounce and the frame is made of high quality galvinized steel to make sure it lasts for years and is protected from the weather elements.

Once again, there is an included enclosure and it attaches to the jumping mat itself helping to reduce the risk of injury, which can be found on other trampolines that have a gap between the mat and frame.

The frame does have a safety pad (vinyl, with UV protection and padded with soft foam) as a backup and is constructed from T-Bracket technology and 6 W-shaped legs to increase stability.

MaXimus Pro Quarter Folding Mini Trampoline

MaXimus Pro Quarter Folding Mini Trampoline
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This mini exercise trampoline includes a workout DVD, bar, a bag, bands and sand weights to increase resistance.

Made from high quality parts, the Maximus Pro Quarter is built to last. It can take up to 300lbs in weight. So if you are just starting out in your weight loss quest, this trampoline can help you out.

The Pro Quarter folds up into a quarter of its size and fits into the accompanying carry bag. This makes it portable and great for personal trainers or fitness instructors who are mobile.

By reducing impact by up to 87%, the Pro Quarter is a healthier way to workout, compared to using a hard surface area. The rubber feet are non-marking – designed for indoor use.

The resistance bands make it more efficient to workout your torso and upper body, and the handlebar makes this a very stable trampoline overall. The included DVD has workouts for beginners, intermediates and advanced users, so no matter where you are in your quest for fitness, you will be catered for.